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Marble Surface

Samantha Kristoferson
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

More value than I could have imagined!

Samantha Kristoferson and her daughter Eva.

"In January of 2021, my daughter said to me one night at tub time 'blue wolf up in the sky'.


After that Cindy and I were a google search away from speaking. I bought her book and was moved by her story.


When I discovered she did identity work I knew I wanted to go on that journey with her."

Sarah Brown wearing a burgundy coloured coat standing in front of Lake Superior.

I feel deeply grateful for Cindy's warm hearted wisdom that has created an environment that has allowed me to see and embody my gifts with the courage to step into my full potential!

Sarah Brown
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

I was interested in Cindy Crowe's Identity and Purpose Guide program because of a wish to learn more about Indigenous spirituality and community. This experience has taken me on a journey I never imagined!

Cindy has gently and intuitively challenged me to let go of limited beliefs about myself, fostering the courage to step into new opportunities and possibilities. I had no idea that I would be looking at a career change and questioning many of the assumptions I've made about who I am and what I'm looking for in life.

Cindy's guidance has given me the confidence and clarity to step into my life purpose with intention and the traditional Indigenous knowledge and ceremony has supported and deepened my process of self discovery.
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