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Sacred Circles for all Women

Every Wednesday at 4 pm EST

Cindy Crowe is dressed in her blue regalia and is wearing a black hat with a red stripe and is leaning up against a tree and laughing.

Sacred Circles for Everyone

Every Friday at 6 pm EST

Guidelines for Sacred Circles

The purpose of the Circle is to ‘be present’ and experience the ‘Circle’ in all that it entails. It is a safer space to gather, be healed, be inspired, and it is a community of ‘belonging’. Our Power, prayers, healing, and revelations are amplified within the Circle.


The Circle represents that there is no beginning nor end; everyone is equal; everyone belongs; everyone is welcome; everyone brings gifts and value to the Circle; everyone is safe in the Circle.


What can you share? It is up to your Heart and Spirit what you share. You may want to share what has happened over the past week, any challenges you are experiencing, what brings you joy, any intentions/prayers that you have and perhaps something that inspires you.


  1. This Sacred Circle is a sacred ceremony and should be respected in that way.  The Creator/Universe/God (or whatever term feels right for you) takes care of everything.

  2. We begin with a smudging ceremony.  The smudging releases energies that are no longer serving us and prepares us for the Sacred Circle. If you do not have a way to smudge yourself in your physical space, the smudge can be offered to you virtually.

  3. Standing Strong (Cindy Crowe) usually facilitates the Circle. It begins with an opening prayer and then we pass the feather to the next person. If Cindy is not available, someone else will facilitate.

  4. Only the person holding the feather should be speaking.  When it is your turn, you have the option to speak or pray quietly in your mind or share with the people present. You could make special prayer requests, thank the Creator for blessings or simply share matters that could be heavy on your heart.

  5. Everything that is said in the Circle stays in the Circle and all matters are kept confidential. This creates a safer space for everyone.

  6. There should be no cross talk or opinions about anything that one person has said.  Whatever you are offering up within the Sacred Circle is between you and the Creator, not the people sitting in the Circle.

  7. Participants are encouraged to bring their sacred items with them if that feels right i.e., drum, feather, pipe, family mementos and other special keepsakes.

  8. When all the sharing is complete, we close the Circle with a closing prayer. Then we have a time to socialize. This could include drawing cards for one another.

  9. If you find yourself in a situation within the Sacred Circle that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, I suggest that you debrief with someone that you trust in a safe space outside of the Circle. I am open to debriefing with you privately if that feels right at a convenient time for the two of us. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

  10. This will be a preamble that we can take turns reading at the beginning of each Circle (when we have new participants).


For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or on WhatsApp at 807-627-5768.


You are welcome to join the Standing Strong in Your Power Facebook Group:

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