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This is my personal story sharing this amazing Vision that has had me on this Spiritual journey since 2003. I wrote it to honour the Vision and help other people going through similar experiences.

I didn't start out with a Guide (or Coach) and the journey was treacherous. Once I had a Guide, the journey became a little clearer.

I am always grateful for the messages and confirmations received throughout the journey.

Cindy Crowe is holding her wolf pelt.

Photo credit: Jonathan Coons Photography

This is the front cover of Cindy Crowe's book Walking with Grey Wolf.

I would like to help you on your journey. I am happy to mail you a copy of my book.


The cost of the book is $20CA plus shipping costs (postage within Ontario, it is $5.75CA).

Please email me at for more information.

You can also order an ebook through Amazon and your other favourite distributors: 

Photo credit: Jonathan Coons Photography

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