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Identity and Purpose Coach

As an Identity and Purpose Coach, I am passionate about empowering and inspiring my clients to discover who they truly are and identifying their life purpose.

Cindy Crowe standing amongst birch trees with her blue regalia on, wearing her wolf paw medicine pouch, black hat with red stripe and  wearing glasses and smiling.
Cindy Crowe with eyes closed sitting in front of a cedar tree and she is praying.

Do you find yourself asking questions like this?

  1. Who am I?

  2. What am I doing here?

  3. Why does this keep happening to me?

  4. What is the meaning of life?

  5. What do I believe in?


Through my own personal experiences in 2003 and 2004, I have discovered how vital our 'identity' is to us . Since my own Spiritual Awakening in 2004, I have learned that one of my gifts is to empower and inspire others to understand who they are, through energy exchanges and ceremony.


When my mentor, Albert Mandamin of Shoal Lake #39 First Nation revealed to me my life purpose in 2007, that was a game changer for me. Understanding my role of Lodgekeeper and having 'purpose' inspires a great desire to fulfill my life purpose. 


There are many amazing guides around us. Learning of my clan, the caribou, part of the hoof clan, in 2003 brought me to this serene place with minimal mental health issues. Learning of the many other animal spirit guides working with me, now assists me to coach others to learn of their guides.

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