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Explore the 4 pillars of my coaching services:

  1. Ceremony - confirming your commitment to Spirit;

  2. Guides - who are your Spirit Animal Guides? What is your Clan?

  3. Identity - exploring your gifts. Who are you?

  4. Purpose - how are you honouring your gifts? Why did you come to the earth at this time?

Are you ready to explore?

1. What gifts do you bring to the circle and to the world?
2. Would you like to learn more about your Spirit Animal Guides?
3. Are you ready to experience the Indigenous way of life? 

This will be a great time for releasing energies that no longer serve you and to amplify the power of your manifestations with other like minded folks. It will also be an amazing time to pray for Mother Earth.


I will be your hostess and gateway for this magical event. I am Standing Strong of the Anishinaabe people, and I am delighted to invite you to this Sacred Land that I call Niibing. The Sacred Land covers 135 acres located next to Lake Superior with watershed running through the property. It is a very beautiful and peaceful space that is secluded enough for complete Spiritual privacy. The retreat will be guided through Spirit and each other.


Dates - September 1 to 4, 2023 (earlier arrival and later departure can be organized)


Location - Niibing Tribal Tours, 356 Little Trout Bay Road, Neebing, Ontario, Canada.


Accommodations – Bring your tent or you can arrange for Airbnb. Drinking water will be available. Comfort station for toilet/sink. Swimming in Lake Superior available for washing. Meals will be provided by caterer – Andy’s Eats.


Cost - There is no cost to register, however, it will be $460CA to cover the costs of the catering, comfort station and drinking water. First 50 people will be welcomed to retreat.


I am open to zoom communication. I can also share pictures with you from last year's retreat. For more information, you can contact me (Cindy Crowe) at

Our journey together could look like this:



A virtual conversation between our spirits and a sharing of histories, feelings, and beliefs through our first interaction and conversation. There is an energy 'exchange' which we will discuss further.



May include but not limited to: smudging, hand drumming, card reading, Spirit animal guide reading, listening for Spirit name, cord-cutting, meditations, and pipe ceremony.



Guidance through the understanding of your identity as told to me through Spirit (also known as channeling). You will have a better understanding of your identity, your Clan and your life purpose. You are welcome to invite family/friends to your special ceremony.

Every connection and situation is special. This gives you an idea but your experience will be very personal and unique to you.

You can begin this journey with me by reaching out through 

Your investment is $130CA per hour (virtually or in-person).



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